To date, NHFC Ukraine has helped evacuate, shelter, and support more than 2,000 orphaned and vulnerable children displaced by the current war.

Over 1,000 orphaned children have stayed in western Ukraine and sheltered in various repurposed schools and medical facilities put in place by the Lviv Regional Military Administration and NHFC Ukraine. However, as the war continues, these locations need to resume their previous functions.

With this in mind, NHFC Ukraine is now raising funds and developing plans to build a Safe Haven Village in western Ukraine to house displaced orphans and their caregivers until Ukraine can resume its transition to foster care.

Once built, the Safe Haven Village will bring school-aged children and their caregivers to a centralized location in western Ukraine that is guided by trauma-informed care. Along with our Ukrainian partners, the Safe Haven Village will foster the physical, spiritual, and emotional health and development of these precious children all within the village. 

Every child deserves to be loved and provided with safety, education, nutrition, and proper care. 

We believe that in coordination with our local partners, we can deliver a safe and stable environment for Ukraine’s orphaned children to address the trauma they have endured, have access to quality resources and care, and live in a loving environment throughout the war and while the country begins to rebuild.

Children moving to Safe Havens 1